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What we do


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About us

I'm Franky, the founder of Inside Out Learning.


I'm a mum of two, and a fully qualified teacher with 15 years' teaching experience in a variety of early years settings and primary schools. The staff who work alongside me are highly qualified, inspirational and have oodles of experience of working with young children .

I am a specialised Early Years Practitioner with training from Early Excellence on  the benefits of outdoor learning. I am also a qualified Forest School Leader. 

I am passionate about children being given opportunities to collaborate and learn through playful activities.


Play is not just about having fun or taking a break from what is seen as 'serious learning'; play is how children truly learn about the magical world around them. When children play they learn about building relationships, managing emotions and resolving conflicts. They practise their communication skills, learn to solve problems, experiment and test boundaries. Play is a vital part of a child's development, and I want to work with parents and educators to promote play in our homes, outside and in our schools.


Play is the work of childhood.”

- Jean Piaget

Franky, the founder of Inside Out Learning
About us



"I would wholly recommend Franky and the range of activities she offers to help you and your child develop a range of skills through educational play experiences. She fully understands and appreciates how children develop and learn, using play to enhance the experience. Franky was an outstanding Early Years teacher  who is now fully committed to reaching out and sharing her expertise with parents, carers, children, early years settings and practitioners. You won't be disappointed."

​- Geraldine Dunkerley

(retired headteacher from Woodfield Infant School, Shrewsbury)

"So great to know you’re still using your prodigious talent to enhance the lives of young children! What an amazing venture Franky. Inside out learning looks like such a fabulous, enriching experience, I wish I lived closer I’d be down there with the grandchildren!"

-Jenny Jackson, nee Bradbury

(retired headteacher from Fernwood Infant School, Nottingham.)

"I have worked with Franky for years in an early years setting and I love her teaching, I can guarantee your little ones will love her too."

- Cassandra Buchanan


"Franky taught our son throughout his first year at school and it had a huge impact on his development. She has such a caring and fun approach to learning, it made his first year so enjoyable.  Franky was also a huge support to us as parents, giving invaluable guidance and advice at each stage. We can’t thank her enough."

- Sarina Evans




"Franky taught my son in his first year at school and I couldn't of hoped for a more enthusiastic, caring and helpful person to help him start his school journey"

- Lyndsey Goodall


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Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK

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