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Ideas to keep young children busy...

Here are some simple tried and tested ideas that will help promote learning and development for children aged 2-7 years . Some activities will need an adult and some will not, this will depend on the age of the child. The ideas are presented as just photographs below, but take a look at our facebook  posts to see some of these ideas explained.


Try not to over complicate things, as some of the simplest ideas are the best. Children need lots of unscheduled time, to ponder, imagine, play, repeat and review, so don't plan too much. There is great value in open ended activities and children revisiting an interest again and again and again. Consider leaving things out that children have spent a lot of time making, so that they can come back and extend their own learning journeys over a longer period of time. 


Ensure children are supervised at all times, when using tools or making fires.


SOME USEFUL WEBSITES/LINKS…  bringing the great outdoors in.…/list-of-online-resources-for-anyo… virtual tours around museums and aquariums.… famous authors reading stories.  free talking books for children.   yoga sessions for children.

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